and they named her liza…


peace all.

so today a sis of mine posted this link on my facebook page.

ive never heard of anything like this. it was crazy to read it. and then to see the video. and so for most the day. it has been at the front of my mind. in my thoughts.

my son asked if i thought it meant something. my reply was everything means something.

i sit here now and ponder. knowing that the Most Merciful is indeed kind…and that this year is a special year for so many reasons. in many ways its a year that i know i will look back upon and say 2011 is when….

know that Our Lord says over and over. “in this are signs for those who consider” and that if we ask to be awake to the signs that surround us our prayers will be answered.

so this is my prayer. may we all become awake to the signs that embrace us, to the life that is waiting to be lived, for the love that is waiting to be loved, and to the courage that is within us at this very moment. may our Gracious Lord make it so. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

walk in love yall, in light, and be thankful, and full of grace.


God bless you aidah

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