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do you know

how hard it is to love you.

and hate you, my insides are no longer aligned…

or assigned to such an easy task…this ugly mask was once so beautiful that i was scared to touch it

or take it off

for fear i would reveal a soul different from what you had envisioned.

from what i had envisioned

we were both willing to stay here

forever…or leave freely

and happily

if we were no longer meant for one another.

sent for one another

to gather the pieces that fell from heaven and gently make this place seem whole

two strangers in the distance

the only familiar bond is love

although it is broken

and blue

we recognize its first form and true shape

lest we decide to rather take mementos and souvenirs

of a poetic potential

pleasures unmatched

riches untapped

if we could only trust

or take a seed of this lust

and learn the sacred alchemy

turn love over

and uncover our most

sacred secret

so divine

i find


witnessing you next to me

as we circle

Our Lords Throne


he hits you.

i imagine it feels better then when he takes you.

under his hand.

and handles you as he has done many women before you. and while with you.

because i have never seen anyone chase love to death.


like a flower too tender to tell you she is full of water…leaves yellow…from fear of you lifting your hand from her and keeping it away far too long…she is still and silent….and drowning.