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not a haiku

you force me to stop

being sincere and sweet

but my love still leaks

i sing for him…and he isnt here


on my most faithful day

i am a sinner

stuck in silence negotiating the line between right and wrong

ive sung this song 100 times too many

on my most faithful day

i am a soul not seeking enough forgiveness for all the sins ive committed

to careless and carefree in the mercy surrounding

cushioning my endless fall from grace

from restraint as i loosen the disciplined Ive gained

in a breath i let it all slip away

on my most faithful day i am still not quite awake or aware of the grand goodness

majestic favor softly placed upon my forehead the kiss keeping me from insult and injury

protecting me from every ugly accusation that is valid and justified.


to love and all its ugliness to fear in all its bloodiness

tied and torn between two different paths two different

grasps tear at my heart and i swear the whispers sully me

slim swollen and starving for affection

starving for attention

from my own eyes

my own lies have lead me in circles of beauty and wonder

in the most exquisite colors…my most desired lover

will oneday be myself

i make this vow

but still in silence

still im quiet and shy of my magic

my music

my mystery my secret my sacred

my life my sentence

will soon be ending ever

happily…ever after i swear to never

see the signs and still not quiver

still not rush

still not hurry

still not

still my cup…

and let the divine alchemy work…

and God make love