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today i found the love i was suppose to give you

and it was old

and torn

and tired

of waiting and hopin that it would one day fit

plenty life

and living has been happening since my last post. i know its been a long time. i been on the road so much lately. im learning and enjoying it all so much. especially since my lil lady comes along with me. its as if she opens so many more doors…so many more paths to awakening.

tomorrow im on my way to the the alternate roots annual meeting. i was nominated for a scholarship and was recently given notice that i am a award recipient. im truly grateful for all the love and support.

promise to let you know how it went. and more to come on the vancouver folk fest, and muslimfest. id like to dedicate time to writing about my last performance experience, and the response i received from those in attendance. 

my lesson for these last few days. “my lord is mercy” 

remember to live in the moment. give the moment its rights. and love courageously. with no hesitation. love. love. love. and give thanks.