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tonight i am preparing for death

i am conscious that i am taking my last breath

so i can love him for the first time

so i can plead for forgiveness my last cry

tonight i am preparing for my death

so i can live like i have never lived before.

neither fear or the torment of war

can keep me from this passion or this position

this aching this living that i am finally doing while i am

preparing for dying

finally finding a sincere sentiment in every second

i honor its presence and hold sacred this celebration

of arriving while i am preparing for leaving

preparing by writing these lines and thinking that they may be the

last words i will ever write the last words you will ever read

the last time i will every breathe a language

ever laugh a letter

ever cry a constanant

ever sigh a vowel

ever sing a sentence

read in silence and remember i loved you out loud.