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Liza Garza – Road Stories “My Guitar”


my moms just sat with me and taught me two chords on the new guitar. she says these two are bout in every song she sings. its amazing. how very little knowledge can open up so much. makes me remember God. and for this i give thanks.

muscle memory is amazing to witness. when i look at my fingers. i don’t recognize them. im experiencing so many new sensations with this process.

i know i keep mentionin the video. im working with mustafa davis on this series.  i just previewed it yesterday. were gonna post it this week. check back here for it.

and the planning for the show is coming along lovely. will have a flyer up soon. its in the A on july 2nd. save the date…a tribute to our mamas. ourselves. and the women before us.

love love and love


so we were able to link yesterday evening to see the fellow with the guitar…i am now the owner of a beautiful ibanez classical guitar. haven’t really been able to spend time with it because of travels…i just touched down in texas to see family…excited to share some new music with them…

and i got a pic from the photo shoot with linda that i want to share.

july 2nd is the date for the show in atlanta…more info soon on that….special guests and all…

its a good and blessed time.

be grateful. give thanks.

classical guitar

im still super young when it comes to guitars and such, but what i do know is that i sincerly want to own a classical acoustic guitar. its amazing how much of a difference it is to hold and to learn on.

steel guitars have steel strings…classical guitars have 3 steel strings and 3 nylon strings. steel guitars have a high tin sound and classical guitars have more of an earthy sound. real grounded, and warm and the strings are also closer to the fret board and so you dont have to apply so much pressure to get a clean sound.

im on my search. suppose to meet with a cat that my dear sis kelly found on craigslists tomorrow. i will keep you posted on how it goes.

heres a link of what im going to check out.

video soon of the process…even got a lil song …

linda costa

you must check her out. we are currently working together. she is amazing and im grateful to collab.

blessed womb

blessed womb


have taken me from beig able to blog on a consistent basis. this is a good thing. i will post more about the last few weeks. seems like so much has happened. so much is happening.

this is a blessed year. got pics and videos coming.

did i tell you im learing how to play the guitar?

kelly love jones living room tour

you must check for this. shes killin it here in the A. had the privledge of attending saturday night. was truly amazing. reminds me of the tradition of music within my family. how it is the backbone to our lives. how it is our lives.

we were all blessed to attend. big ups to marcia jones and the ladies for hostin. and openin their space. and to the babies for blessing us with their pressence.