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erica contreras

meet this talented and beautiful woman in chicago. such a blessing to work with her. more to come soon. until then. enjoy.liza_ziya_finalcolor

30 days 30 poems. day 17.

i want to write words

that are not hidden in language

 written in secret code

secret signs or symbols

i want to speak straight and direct

and not allow anything to be left to interpretation

no room for question and comments

or conversation

i always give you the benefit of the doubt

\”maybe i wasn’t clear\”

\”maybe i missunderstood\”

maybe i have been to maybe with you

to easy for you

to mix emotions into tonics too toxic for me to drink any longer

seems like the more i love u the stronger u get, and im left here too grateful to regret

that you were the means that i would lose myself in order to find myself

that i would hate myself in order to love myself

that i would doubt myself in order to trust myself

that i would blame myself in order to release myself  from these shackles and chains

from this heartache and pain in every color imaginable in every scent detectable

but i dont want to speak in codes

i dont want to write words hidden in language

written in secret code

secret signs and secret symbols

this reality is too damaged to decorate with fancy forms

flowering foolishness

for the sake of poetry

but this is my reality

no simile is worth my clarity

no metaphor worth my living here anymore



mistaken for kindness to many times

30 days 30 poems. day 16.

when he signs into

chat i click invisible

and off the record

she says

im not too sure why, but recently three women have written poems for me. i was reflectin on this today…and would like to share thier work with you…raquel wilson, imani bilal, ms latifah…thank u all for your love. im grateful.



homegirls & handgrenades: Bloombeautiful

by raquel wilson

after talking to you
& confessing
I have only
to myself…
to my creator

I realized
why I fight
so hard
for every girl

I want
every girl
to have nothing
to worry about
except her dolls
& her tea parties
& maybe
just get a little upset
for a short period
of time
there are no swings
left at the playground

then she smiles
when she sees
there is
plenty of room
on the slide
the jungle gym
the sandbox

i fight so hard
for little girls
i never
want them
to feel
the pain of

a grown woman

who doesn’t know
to trust
to love

a grown woman
who was never protected
by those she loved

from harm
& hurt
& pain
& boys
& men

so i protect them
& love them
& give them
someone to trust

so they can grow up
& happy
with everyday smiles
that will make
the world
& beautiful
& peaceful

I want them all
to bloom
to bloom
to bloom





by imani bilal

for my sister, liza.

you have held me
close to your bosom as if your breasts suckled my soul
once upon a time
that cannot be pinpointed with clocks
somewhere between yesterday, now, eternity,
and a tomorrow that may never come
your words have been the drum, i sway to the rhythm of life and learning
with every line yearning to be whispered from those lips-
lips that have screamed and smiled, laughed and frowned
touched the sky and licked the ground
with every moment your eyes have kissed
and now you look the world in her face,
speak your grief and grace, joy, sorrow, and what it means to overcome today
so you can breathe tomorrow
they are all one
we are all one
i am you, you are me, we have written we poems without knowing
the Creator has His way of showing his servants how to drift
in the wind like a kite with no string
being led by nothing but the breath of the Most High
let these lines become what they May
let them bring new seasons, filled with flowers
so we may “bloom beautifully” with every hour,
such sweet scents spent seducing our souls
confirming it is possible for words to heal wounds
beneath your tongue, within your eyes, in the midst of your imperfections and your essence
there are lessons i pray you continue
to tell…
stroking struggle
until she feels comfortable enough to smile
all the while, free
your breath has been my blanket
you have held me.


for liza

by mslatifah  

 There are some people who are gifted in such a way
 That they
 Can look into your eyes and see your soul
 And they feel something in you that is beyond your control
 They discern what you hold back and what you let go
 They can’t explain it…they just know
 And then
 Just by speaking what they sense
 What they see
 You automatic- and unconscious-ly
 Prove them right
 And wonder
 How they knew

an elder told me.

2 things that bring a soul out of the dark.

fear & joy.

30 days 30 poems. day 15.

u dont know me, u

only know the poems i write

read between the lines

30 days 30 poems. day 14.

she says she gonna get free

right after she fixes dinner

and changes her diaper

and reads him a bedtime story

she says she gonna fly so high

right after she rubs his head

and gives him a bath

and makes him popsicles out of orange juice

she says shes gonna live her dream

right after she births his baby

and changes the laundry

and makes the bed

she says shes gonna live her life

right after she nurses him

and cuts his toenails

and cuts his hair

she says shes gonna do all the things she loves

right after she teaches him how to pee standing up

and how to pump gas

and how to pay for corner store candy

she says shes gonna do it…. finally….


in the chi

with “gritz and jellybutter” if u are  in Chicago. u should come through to iman community cafe tonight.

my beloved is with me. we are both  grateful. full of love and surrounded by amazing people.

tomorrow is my first video shoot. keep an eye out for the work…more then likely i will blog about it soon.

and one more thing…if any of you have questions for me let me  know.  im gonna take the time to blog the answer if you hit me.

all things in love and goodness and light and ease.

pics soon

all priase due.

i just got the most touching email. i swear my lord is good. and worthy of all praise.

im at a complete loss for words. all i can say with certainty is that the mercy upon us exceeds what we are deserving of.  im treated with kindness that is beyond kindness and affection beyond what i know love to be. ive been given gifts that i could never give or attempt to give in return and all of this while sinning…crimes i know ive committed and those that I am not even aware of… its amazing to me…all of it…im struggling to make my worship pure and focused and in the midst of that struggle it is as if i am being kissed on my forhead…my lord is so so good. so pure and so magnificent. i have never loved like this. or been loved like this.

courage in love and gentleness and sincerity.

our first show.

this is her favorite place to sleepzyah-gig-009