haiku: you

time is the furthest
distance between two places
but not two people

haiku: “be:loved”


give all to love and

then you die, a sweet peaceful

death, ready set go.

and they named her liza…


peace all.

so today a sis of mine posted this link on my facebook page.

ive never heard of anything like this. it was crazy to read it. and then to see the video. and so for most the day. it has been at the front of my mind. in my thoughts.

my son asked if i thought it meant something. my reply was everything means something.

i sit here now and ponder. knowing that the Most Merciful is indeed kind…and that this year is a special year for so many reasons. in many ways its a year that i know i will look back upon and say 2011 is when….

know that Our Lord says over and over. “in this are signs for those who consider” and that if we ask to be awake to the signs that surround us our prayers will be answered.

so this is my prayer. may we all become awake to the signs that embrace us, to the life that is waiting to be lived, for the love that is waiting to be loved, and to the courage that is within us at this very moment. may our Gracious Lord make it so. Ameen Ameen Ameen.

walk in love yall, in light, and be thankful, and full of grace.


God bless you aidah

frequent flyer: “because brown girls love hard, with no strategy”




frequent flyer is my free music download series, originally intended to be posted randomly, on any given friday. but yesterday was the first day of the new year. and i was blessed to release a new .:frequent flyer:. and it felt so good…so that inspiration moved me to do another .:frequent flyer:. today…this art is not ours…we dont truly own it…so i send this to you with love and gratitude…

and oh yeah! this joint is produced by my son. eli lakes. GIVE THANKS!

free download here: www.lizagarza.bandcamp.com

i love u.

and not just for the sake of my Lord.

or for the sake of good.

I love you for no reason. no longing has every lived in my heart, resided in my chest,filled my every breath, or taught me how much of myself has not ever been mine…until this

i would have never begged.


use my body in remembrance of your Lord

use my body in remembrance of your lust.

turned into love

turned into life

within me

sacred secret

held in silence

upon me

your breath is sweetenough to swallow

i love you


riddled with scars

wounds in partst

hat are hidden

and holy

and lonely

for your return

i gave birth to your nation

before you decided to leave me

now im left with tribes that must be tended to

memories that must be remebered too

i was once so beautiful that you could not bring your eyes to greet my grace

bring your eyes to see my face

hold my scent you seek to trace

my sweetnees in my absence

my secret since then has beena love story told

out loud leaving out all the good parts

bleeding still my poor heart

for brown girls that love too hard

against hessitations

eeking our fathers faces

in men we dont recognize

in love that wont compromise

for brown women that stand by your side because we know our absence

will disable you

render you def dumb and blind

my love is my art

that is too abstract for you to honor

so i will bless you

in your worst of times

by remaining loyal

even when you walk away

the theme this year.

knowledge of self. be better. do better. think bigger.

love greater. give more.

believe in yourself.

dream big.

grind hard.

pray harder.

create create create.

think wide.

be braver.

give thanks give thanks give thanks give thanks give thanks give thanks give thanks give thanks.


frequent flyer: “dont test me”

frequent flyer: "dont test me"


free download here: www.lizagarza.bandcamp.com



dont test me

you dont know what i pack

you dont know bout my strap

you dont know bout my crew

watch what you do

dont test me

i bow down to the ONE

and you just got that gun

dont know what you’ll become

watch what you do


(this is the begining of forever and ever)



when my friends have gone away

when my familys found they grave

my Lord is all i have that stays


when the music all been played

when my songs have all been sang

my Lord is all i have that stays



when its finally said and done

look at what weve all become

my Lord has been here all along


when i wake up from this dream

cuz nothin here is what it seems

my Lord has not forsaken me


when i take my final stroll

when i find my way back home

my Lord has been here all along


im done with tryin

im focused striving

got my feet on solid ground

but still im frequent flyin

or frequent fallin

which ones my calling

life is for the living

or is it just for the dyin

and for my sinnin

i seek forgiveness

dont matter what yall think

God is my only witness

my Lords sufficient

and oft forgiving

my face touches the floor

my prayers they are my ammunition



my Lord has been there all along


why cant i wake up from this dream

cuz nothing here is what it seems

my Lord has not forsaken me


Im bout to take my final stroll

bout to find my way back home

my Lord has been here all along

when i find my way back home




sound design:

mikaal sulaiman



they wont go


im tryin to get

to know me in front of you

please close your eyes tight


i give thanks for my parents. who have stood by my side when i made standing near me impossible…they have shown me love in ways i seek to return and to pass on to my children…

i give thanks for the lil things that bring me so much joy it makes my belly hurt… literally…watchin my daughter learn where he nose is…hearin my sons make new music…or even from a distance seein them confide in eachother…learning how to perfect their lives…and there selves…

i give thanks for my companions…who are truthful and sincere…and beautiful reflections of light…

i give thanks for the remembrance of GOD…for the ease that this brings me and the desire to remember…

ask yourself what is your purpose…what is your mission and are you fulfilling it…are you staying true to your path and surrounded by those who will call you to it…

i once heard a quote that i wish i would remember more “doubt your doubts believe you beliefs”…hold to this with me…

and begin new….in loving and taking every moment and giving it its right…

live now.

love now…

day3. (5daycommitment)

im a slacker. sorry. heres a video instead. hope you enjoy.